Spiky Durian Feature in Indonesian Politics?

When I was walking around FX Sudirman with an hour to pass, I walked up the mall via the escalators. In this mall, they permit vendors to have tables throughout the mall to display their wares, which were often creative knick knacks, drawings or items of clothing and accessories.

I came across this little booth that caught my attention.

Gus Durian Books and T-Shirts for sale in FX


This is a play on the former Indoneisan PM’s name.

I can’t read what it says in bahasa (local language) but it must be pretty stinky, spikey or funny.

SW thinks the design is kind of cute.

They were selling books and t-shirts with the logo on it. Seems like a fun way to appeal to a younger audience, but then again, not everyone likes durian…


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