26th August 2011 – Durian Crazy in the Singapore Newspapers

When I opened the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times today I spotted durian mentioned on 3 different pages of the paper.

The first one that I spotted was the one of the presidential candidates sniffing (or admiring) one at a durian stall:

Presidential candidate admiring a durian





Is it a Mau Sang Wang?





The next one was an ad on the front page of the classified section :

Durian Stall Advertisement




Hey, it really is Mau Sang Wang!





And finally, the following one was the actual advertisement for the stall with an incentive to visit:

Durian Advertisement in Singapore



So if you are looking to have a durian party in Singapore, this might be the place to call to organize it for you…

If the address isn’t clear enough, here it is:

6 Clementi Road

#01-08 (AYE Exit 9), Near NUS

Opening hours, 1pm-2am daily

Tel: 9122 5222


Maybe if I can visit their stall I can ask them whether they’ll give a special discount to Stinky Spikes readers šŸ™‚


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