Malaysian Durian Price and Export Update July 2011

Dear Stinky Spike readers,
I found this news update in the Malaysian press today, and am so relieved that the prices of durian haven’t skyrocketed to stratospheric levels. Continue enjoying until August!

> China Press reported that durian prices have dropped by half due to the abundant supply of the King of Fruit.

It reported that the Musang King durian was selling at between RM11 and RM13 per kg compared with RM20 and RM25 two weeks ago, while the D24 was priced between RM5 and RM7 per kg against RM15 previously.

The daily also said that orchard farmers and durian traders were unsure of the procedures on how to export durians to China.

It has been reported that China had agreed to import Malaysia’s frozen durians following Chinese premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Malaysia in April.

2 thoughts on “Malaysian Durian Price and Export Update July 2011

    • Dear Tung,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry but I live in Malaysia and have no idea about the pricing in New York or whether any Malaysian durians make it over there.
      In my opinion, fresh Malaysian durian beats Thai durian anytime.

      Stinky always!

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