Durian Stall in Brickfields (Little India), Kuala Lumpur

How did it happen? That extra 1500 calories?

SW and I had just finished our routine at the YMCA and it was a late sunny Sunday afternoon. Having physically exercised vigorously and then mentally for several hours, we were starved of both sleep and circulating glucose. So, it should come as no surprise to you that upon driving out of the YMCA, we immediately spied a durian stall and made an instantaneous decision to stop and inspect the goods.

There was a merry crowd standing at the stall which looked like a ramshackle hut made of a few planks and tarpaulin sheets nestled into the corner of a retaining wall by the road. We strolled into the stall and looked at the various durians (not many left at that hour though) in the plastic cartons on the makeshift tables. I approached the far wall which had a small printed A4 sheet of paper sign “Musang King RM 22 per Kilo”. We looked at each other and asked the nearest guy in a t-shirt for a mau sang wang.

“Not much left,” he said “only one left… you want?”
“SURE!” SW replied without hesitation.
“OK, eat here or take away?” he said, nodding when we said we would consume it on the spot and gestured for a nearby colleague to get us our requested fruit.

SW ambled over to one of the two wooden plank tables with benches that had been set up for groups to sit and eat in. The tables and benches were very simple and you certainly shouldn’t expect anything fancy, it was dusty but not obviously dirty.

Another guy brought our durian over and he placed it on the table in front of us and said: “This durian is 2 kilos, so forty ringgit, is it ok?”
SW and I confirmed with a “Yes Yes” (how could we possibly say no to the tantalizing fruit right in front of us!) and the durian was swiftly opened.
The mau sang wang durian was delicious but not too perfumed and a perfect temperature (not too warm) and a rich creamy yellow. We polished the durian off in less than fifteen minutes and remarked how professional the stall owners were in telling us the price upfront (many other stalls only charge you at the end and of course in that instance, it is almost impossible to know whether the price is correct).

Before leaving, we found out that the durians are from Johor and that the stall opens at 1pm and closes when they sell out. On Sunday, I think they probably closed the stall by 6pm before sunset.

Here’s the map to the stall, do stop by and try some if you happen to be in the Brickfields area.

Durian Stall in Brickfields

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