Out of Wow Durians – Just Heavenly @ Pavilion

I went to Pavilion last week to buy some cakes as it was DS’s birthday, had to get two just so that there would be enough to go around after the cake is cut. Upon contemplating which flavors would be best, I had narrowed it down to 2: the vanilla sponge a.k.a Victoria Sandwich and the carrot walnut cake. Both of them cost almost RM200 (not cheap eh). Overall the service was good except that they are not able to write a personalized note on the cake, which would have been a more personal touch than a plastic toothpick with Happy Birthday on it, makes the cake look like it came from a village bakery (come on Just Heavenly, you can do better!!).

Out of Wow Durians today

Anyway, one option that was definitely not available was the “Wow Durians” chocolate cake. All other flavors were in stock. Are we to take that this is a popular flavor? Or maybe some durian lover decided to wipe out the entire stock in a single purchasing exercise..(wow!). Durians are definitely in season now so I will check again if they have it next time I’m there.

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