Message for Brett: How to get a durian plant in the USA

Dear Brett,

I know you’ve been looking to buy seeds to plant your own durian tree. It is difficult for anyone in Asia to send the seeds to you because the US customs does not permit the shipment of live plants/animals without authorization. It is therefore highly unlikely that anything living will actually reach you alive!

To get round the issue, you might want to get the plant shipped to you from Hawaii, which has a tropical climate like what we have here in Asia and be assured that it will actually arrive.  When I looked around online, I found these two sites which have durian in the US.

Frankie’s Nursery – website looks simple but professionally done with nice pictures and a clear price list. Accepts credit cards and does shipping.

This blogger ordered a durian tree from Pacific Tropicals – but the website isn’t working, so no idea if it’s still good.

Please contact them and let me know how you get on…?

Stinky Spikes Saritaone

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