Durian Cakes and Pastries at Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Durian Booth Stall at Pavilion Mall, KL

Pavilion Mall is one of the places that we go to regularly for food, whether its to the Crystal Jade Kitchen or the Republic food court, or to La Bodega for some tapas once in a while. If you check out the booth type shops opposite JCo Donuts, the shops have had some turnover, for example Polar Pastries (famous for Singapore Cream Puff) has left. Lavender Cake Shop from Johor Bahru does a fairly roaring trade, more so than BreadTalk just across the walkway. Behind Lavender, you will notice that there is a shop selling assorted pastries made of Durian.

Called “Durian Durian” (could this be related to the shop in Singapore..? I thought it would be useful to document the items that they sell since they were kind enough to let me examine their products and take my photos.

It’s a nice and clean booth and you can see them making the durian pancakes fresh on the hot plate.

I didn’t try any of the durian goodies so please don’t take this as a recommendation but it is a good reference to know where you can get some of these goodies if you have a craving to satisfy.

Durian Pancakes

Now for close ups!

Durian Pancakes freshly made upon order, but I have no idea about the mochi.

Durian Puff anyone?

Fresh Durian Cream Puff

Durian Traditional Kueh Kueh

Durian Swiss Rolls - Chocolate, Vanilla, Pandan etc

Note that they specifically tell the consumer “We use only original pure durian”.

I haven’t tried any of these yet as I prefer the fresh fruit any day, but if you beat me to the taste test, do let me know…

Durian Muffins

Assorted Drinks to Cool Down After Durian

6 thoughts on “Durian Cakes and Pastries at Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Wow, is this a new stand in the mall? If not, I have no idea how my durian senses missed this one last time I was there. This one is definitely going on my durian to-do list 🙂

    • Hi Dan!

      This stand is relatively new, open about at least half of 2009 I’d say… every time I walk past it, it seems there are always some people who are standing by the counter ordering something. I haven’t been tempted yet as the call of the fresh durian is always there, but I have to say that now the durians available are pretty lousy to say the least. Certainly not as many varieties as the second half of the year and not the flavors either. I suppose we could say that these durians are probably best used in baking and cooking rather than eating fresh…….!


  2. Hey, i have tried Auntie Kok’s Durian cake before! It is damn nice! Hard to find such quality durian cakes nowadays.
    The price is reasonable to me. I called to order the cake and collected it at Jusco Desa Tebrau..
    You can visit her website too.

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