Durian Durian Cafe in Singapore

While driving around Singapore near one of my friend’s apartments, I spied this cafe called “Durian Durian” next to a junction along East Coast (Woo Mon Chew Road).

It was closed, I’m not sure whether it was closed for the day, or closed for good.

Anyone from Singapore have any idea?

Durian Durian Cafe in Singapore


2 thoughts on “Durian Durian Cafe in Singapore

  1. drove by recently. seems to be closed for good as i saw a “For Rent” sign on the shutters.

    they do have a FaceBook & even that is not updated regularly.

    • Hi!

      Thanks for this update. Yes I thought it was closed because it was a Sunday, but guess its closed for good. Maybe the Durian brand for a cafe wasn’t particularly attractive to customers, or it could have just been a bad business proposition from the beginning.

      Please keep me posted if there are any other flourishing durian stores/shops that you come across.

      Stinky Spikes

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