Weird Ads featuring Durians

Usually when I’m traveling, I don’t really take notice of all the ads around just because there are so many of them screaming out for attention. My mind just learns to ignore them after a while and my eyes may wander over it but my brain usually doesn’t bother registering. On my way down to Singapore 2 weekends ago, I was in the queue at immigration and while waiting for the passport scanning to take place, I scanned the area for anything else to look at apart from the immigration officer. That’s when I saw this ad.

CIMB Durian Advertisement

The are funny thing about this ad is that it is by a company that has chosen to copy another company’s advertising campaign. Specifically, a local Malaysian bank – CIMB-  that is following in the footsteps of HSBC’s advertising. Well, sort of. Thing is, the HSBC ads are just a lot smarter and the ads and the copy happens to make sense. The CIMB ads however, all come across a little bit cringey (the claims!) and the copy is just plain weird. I’m not really sure what the message is behind the ad but it is always fun to see a really provocative fruit featuring prominently. One durian… one bank? I wonder if the people who dislike durian will find this ad a turn-off…

You get the picture a lot better when you see the HSBC advertisement, which then puts everything into perspective. A lot more subtle and thought provoking… featuring many durians and other interesting activities that interest a general viewer. Also seen at Singapore airport, the HSBC ad reads “HSBC recognizes that people value things differently”

HSBC Advertisement featuring Durian

HSBC Durian Advertisement

If you’re travelling around Asia, you’re bound to see these ads. Look out for them and its fun to think about what their intended message is…

One thought on “Weird Ads featuring Durians

  1. What about Philippines!!??
    I have found it to be the best overall durian culture for me and taste is out of this world.

    see my updated blog on Davao city durian

    Im here now, feasting.

    come join anyone!

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