Durian D96: Details on another species

It is generally true in my experience that a deeper richer color and tone of the durian is an indicator of its flavor and taste personality. I blogged in a previous entry about the color of durians and its appeal to our visual cortex. Having said that, color does not always indicate a better flavor but may be used to compensate for poor flavor in order to attract the same amount of gastric interest.

Here’s a photo of the D96, how do you think the color rates on a scale of 1-10?

Depth of color: maybe a 7 or an 8

Appearance of texture: probably 7 or 8

Attractiveness of size: maybe an 8 or 9 (its not too big nor small)

Shape: Yes very shapely, maybe an 8

Flesh to fruit ratio: 5 (too much of the white bit)

Overall: a very decent 8 I’d say just looking at it.

BUT I’m sorry to tell you that tastewise the D96 fell short. It tasted more like a 4-5 disappointing the appearance of the fruit. Mediocre taste means that you could eat it and it is not intolerable but it isn’t incredibly special either, ie no, you wouldn’t order a second fruit.

If you don’t know what I mean by the description above and the comparisons of color, here’s a photo that will help with some perspective.

The D96 and the MSW Color Comparison

Durian D96 husk

The yellow-gold husk of the D96 Durian

On the left, the D96, and on the right, the incredibly reliable MSW which usually is already considered a deeper colored fruit as compared with the other species. The exterior does somewhat reflect the color inside (but I would never use this as a benchmark, merely as a singular observation) and note that the spikes are quite uniformly spikey and quite close together.

Have you had a D96? I wonder if there is great variation in the species where one D96 can be markedly different to another. If you’ve had one and it doesn’t sound like how I’ve described it, please do let me know…

4 thoughts on “Durian D96: Details on another species

  1. Just had my D96 fresh yesterday. It was like u said, JUST ok. Nothing special. Medium-small fruit and not too fleshy.

    Going to open another D96 after an overnight storing and see how it tastes later.

    • Hi Ritchie,

      Freezing the durians or storing them overnight does very little in terms of retaining or enhancing the flavors. I find that it often deteriorates but since your craving for the durian proportionally increases, it sort of balances our the flavors in your mind…. and since it’s cold, it makes a fairly tasteless durian appealing as a dessert. Especially for people who don’t really like the smell of durian but don’t mind the taste.

      Let me know if you agree đŸ˜‰


  2. Hi,
    I’m a Durian enthusiast from India. I was in Malaysia last month just to spend time feasting on different varieties of Durian. I couldn’t taste the D 96 durian, though i searched for it in many fruit stalls. Can you describe its taste and flavor? Does it have the strong bittersweetness of XO and Red Prawn, or is it plain sweet like Chanee and most other Thai Durian? Or does it have a balanced flavor like that of the D 24?


    • Hello Jacob!

      D96 isn’t always in season and the best time to have durians from Malaysia are between June to August. That’s when all the strange hybrids are in full production.
      Here’s a description I did of D96 not too long ago. I hope you find it useful. D96 description

      Stinky Happiness in a few months time!


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