Durian Burung anyone?

The highway bus Durian Burung in Malaysia

The Durian Burung Executive Coach

In case you were wondering what lovely delicious morsel a durian burung is, well it isn’t. Not what you’re thinking anyway, that it might be a little durian roll or even a durian dumpling. No, durian burung is translated as “durian bird” and it is the name of what seems to be a fairly successful a bus company (judging from the number plying the highways). It would be really funny if this bus served only durians for the meals and if everyone on it was a durian lover or if it was solely for the purpose of going from one durian plantation to another….(think of the smell!)

Anyway, I was so amused by the name of the bus that I hopped out of the car and managed to take a photo of the bus before it went driving off. The bus had stopped to let off a lady, yes just one, and it left without her. I suppose she must either live nearby and a relative must be coming to get her from the rest stop or that she works there and this would be a bus to work (approx 8pm). Its funny how in Malaysia, rest stops can now also be bus stops too.

We’ve been nurturing a durian craving which we hope to satisfy perhaps this evening….

3 thoughts on “Durian Burung anyone?

  1. The name Durian Burung comes from Kampung Durian Burung, located in Padang Terap District in Kedah near the Malaysia,Thai Border.

    • Thank you!

      When I did a search on google maps, I found another proposition, type in “Jalan Durian Burung, 20050 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu”

      So… which is the one?

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