For Carl, Durian Plant Lover

Dear Carl,

As promised, here are the photos of the seed husk of the durian plant when it falls off.

Durian Seed Husk (post germination)

And here is what the plant should look like after the seed husk falls off….

Stinky Spikes with Fallen Seed Husk

2 thoughts on “For Carl, Durian Plant Lover

  1. Hi nice to see your durian seed growing. Can I know when do you plant it into a pot? My durian seed has a small white root coming out. Can I put it into the pot after I see this?

    • Hi Jackson!

      I put my durian seed into the pot once I saw the root digging into the cotton wool layer (see my earlier blog posts on germination of the durian seed). Don’t bury the seed but just leave it resting on the top of some loose moist soil and you will see the root dig down deep into the soil and sprout a stem and leaves upwards.

      Best of luck for your Stinky Spike!

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