The real Raja Kucing of Durians

White Cat at the Durian Stall

Is this the Raja Kucing of Durians?

It was another one of those marvellous evenings of wine, prawns and durians, and it was the first time ever that I spied this beautiful white cat.  The word “Raja” means King and “Kucing” means cat. This cat was searching for rats at the Durian stall but its owner says that it will eat durian too if it finds the stinky fruit lying around on the floor… I guess no one or no animal is truly able to resist.

2 thoughts on “The real Raja Kucing of Durians

  1. I wonder what his favorite variety is? 🙂

    I’ve given durian to cats, dogs, and monkeys, and all ate it with relish! Most definitely shows it is the king of fruit.

    • Definitely the Kitty’s favorite must be the Mau San Wang.

      Or maybe there is a mouse flavoured durian… can you imagine?!

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