Stinky Spike Family Update

I would like to introduce you to the Stinky Spikes Family. In photos!

Stinky Durian Plant

Stinky Spikes No. 2

Stinky Spikes Durian Plantlet No. 3

Stinky Spikes No. 3

Stinky Durian Plant No. 4

Stinky Spikes No. 4

Durian Plant no. 5

Stinky Spikes No. 5

Stinky Durian Plantlet No. 6

Stinky Spikes No. 6

Stinky Spikes Durian Plant No. 7

Stinky Spikes No. 7

I have to tell you, these D24 seeds really germinated well. The size of the seed was a direct correlation to the size of the initial stem and plant, so do pick the largest seeds for the best chance of strong early growth.

Stinky Spikes Durian Family

Stinky Spikes Durian Family

All the D24s are beating the Tauwa now. But I suspect a greater system problem there… will share the investigations with you soon.

These D24s doubled the height in half the time.

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