Durian Aroi Mak Mak?

Oh Yum. I was in Bangkok for a few days for work last week and indulged in all kinds of local fruit. The most impressive being the Thai mango, Thai jackfruit (nangka) and pomelo. Eh, what heppened to the Durian?

Well, at the Gourmet Supermarket (Basement, Siam Paragon, most awesome supermarket in Asia), it was this marvellous poster that brought my attention to the durians being sold at the supermarket.

Durian Advertisement at Gourmet Supermarket, Bangkok

Durian Advertisement at Gourmet Supermarket, Bangkok

I really love how the poster reads: “Fruit Fest ’09

Amazing King and Queen of Fruits” (featuring Durian and Mangosteen) and

Only the very best has been selected for you

The poster must have been more than ten feet long and at least 5 feet wide hanging from the ceiling. Impossible to miss as you’re walking by.

So, I headed for the durian counter to see what was available.

Only 2 packs of Thai Durian left at the Gourmet Supermarket

Only 2 packs of Thai Durian left at the Gourmet Supermarket

There wasn’t much- only 2 packs. Are the durians that good that it was almost completely sold out that there are only 2 packs left? Or was it that these 2 packs just happen to be no good and are therefore left on the shelf…

Unconvinced, I left them as they were and decided to reserve the tastebuds for another day and bought the jackfruit and guava instead.

6 thoughts on “Durian Aroi Mak Mak?

  1. Ah, I had some of the best durian ever at that supermarket late June/early July! They had an entire booth that was about 15 ft x 7 ft with durian overflowing. If I remember correctly, the three main varieties that they had were the monthong, kanyao, and chanee. Definitely the most expensive durian I’ve ever had (100-400 baht per package), but every one I bought was exceptional in quality. And the nice thing was they labeled them soft/med/hard so you knew exactly what you were getting! If you can make it to Bangkok during the summer season, it is worth your while!

    • Stinky Spikes agrees with the above comment and is going to Bangkok again and will try the durians this time around. However, the author has been served some really unripe and almost crispy durian by gracious Thai hosts who aimed to please and found the experience totally ungratifying, but had to consume the durians out of courtesy. Preference is always by personal selection.

  2. I absolutely loved that durian for sale in the packets in Bangkok…i usualy have gone against my rule of not eating durian out of plastic because the taste of the monthong and ganyao was sooo delicious. It comes from a quality farm in thailand. if you are still there stinky, go back and buy some….(not as good as Malay durian, nothing is, but very delicious i found).

    I am coming to KL Tuesday night for one night!!
    We want to eat durian at the best friendliest, most delicious, convenient place in KL…..Last month we ate at Chow KIT market, Bukit Bintang, and the other place near Bukit bingtang….I have yet to make it to SS2. I heard it is an “all you can eat” style for a set price, is this true?
    any more suggestions from you will be great!!!
    thank you gain for last time..
    maybe I can treat you to durian this time?
    I dont have a cell phone, but feel free to email me your number.
    i have many durian videos to share…

    • Hi Darrick!

      Have you already decided which type of durian you like best? It is no longer the peak durian season, hence you would tend to get less varieties now and at very variable spot prices. Most of the durians would now be from Pahang or Johor, so it is a good time to have durians in Singapore (creme de la creme gets exported there and Singaporeans control the durian pricing premium in Malaysia). Did you try the stall in Medan Imbi already? It is small but it has select quality.

      SS2 has good durians too but now its already past the “eat all you can” durian promo as the glut of durians certainly isn’t quite the volume as a month ago. However, the stalls there will still have some good stuff and I recommend it as a way of exploring a suburban neighborhood, but it is quite a trek to get out there… at least half an hour in a cab!

      I plan to be there probably on Friday as I will be bringing some friends for durian, or maybe at the greeview stall, down the road from SS2.

      On tuesday, it’s a work day so timing might be tough but let me see how it goes in the office. We usually gravitate to the one in Imbi more for convenience than anything else.


    • Ahhh Singapore!!

      Yes, get in a cab or bus or train, to Geylang. Lots of durian stalls (and general fruit stalls) there, but do take your time to choose as their prices vary signifcantly and ask the stalls if they have an exchange policy if it isn’t any good. There’s one opposite Lorong 13 that’s supposed to be decent, but always gauge the price per kilo before you sit and eat.

      Another place I enjoy is a tiny stall in the car park near Pierce road (this is near the botanical gardens), which opens early evening and closes when its all sold out. They cater for the residents in the area (a bit pricey) but quality is usually assured. During peak seasons there are many little places that will sell durians but I’m not sure about now. So try your luck at the above two locations and let me know how you get on.

      If you’re into seeing how wet markets are done in Singapore, I recommend a visit to Tekka market near Little India and to Tiong Bahru market. Both which have fresh and cooked food and also lots and lots of fruits!

      At this rate, I’ll have to ask what you haven’t tried!


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