Baby Durian Seed is Now a Growing Plant

I’ve been away for a trips the last two weeks and had to entrust the watering of the durian seeds to my sister who is no durian lover. Upon my return this evening, she loudly proclaimed that she had not watered my durian plant for the last few days that I had been away. Immediately this called for a visual inspection and I think the plant still fairly good in the semi darkness.

Baby Durian Plant's New Leaves

Baby Durian Plant's New Leaves

Before I left on my most recent trip a few days ago, I took some photos of the durian plantlet (yes, I think it’s well and truly on its way now) to share its progress with you. Still going slow but steady as long as the water supply isn’t compromised. Yes, this is an important point, lots of hydration. SW and I had put on a “cling film blanket” over the pot, leaving a small slit for the plant to grow through. The purpose being to slow down evaporation of water from the dampened soil and keep the base of the plant cosy and warm (even though this is the tropics). A previous comment from David mentions him using a plastic bag over the plant pot, well its good to have some ventilation too so remember to make some slits in your plastic bag.

I think this strategy works quite well as you can see.

The leaves are a lush verdant green, and they are getting bigger. It has also grown a little taller and the stem a little thicker.

SW, you’re away for ages but the durian plant is still alive and doing fine I think. I’ll be making sure it’s nice and watered while you’re gone.

5 thoughts on “Baby Durian Seed is Now a Growing Plant

    • Hi David!
      Thanks and glad you liked the photo. The durian plant is already about 2 months old. It’s still very little but the leaves are looking good. How’s your plant doing?

  1. Oh no…. I think my plant is dying now!! The tip has started going brown and it looks like its drying out!! Only 4 weeks old 😦


    • David, I would recommend some emergency procedures*- does your durian plant have enough water and ventilation? Make sure you water the soil until it becomes very damp and almost soaked, keep it that way. Also don’t expose it to light which is too strong (keep it shaded). I also added a few pellets of organic plant food for extra nourishment in case your soil isn’t rich enough. Quick! Quick! and Good Luck!

      *The tip of my durian plantlet was also drying out and turned brown (the baby leaves) so I immediately moved it into the shade -possibly that the sunlight was burning the delicate leaves before they could unfurl and watered it like a torrential rain storm. A week later, two little green buds appeared and there were 2 new branches sprouting out which has produced new leaves. So I hope that you can salvage yours too…

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