Living among Durian Trees?

OK, OK, I apologise if I do digress from the King of Fruits itself, but as the season is approaching towards its end, I thought it would be nice to include some other interesting stories around the Durian. Not too long ago, I happened to chance across this advertisement for real estate (constant love affair here in Malaysia) and thought it rather funny that a property “enhanced by fruit trees” would be considered quality of life and perhaps aid the developers in hiking the price… or perhaps not hike the price but be able to sell property that would otherwise be considered too far away and not good value.

“Imagine your house with a garden of all your own fruit trees…” speaks the photos in the advertisement, durians, jackfruit, mangoes, etc. Makes you daydream about how you can simply wander into your garden and eat off your own plants and breakfast among the greenery. BUT hey it isn’t so easy… maintenance of fruit trees is exhausting work (sweeping, pruning, watering, fertilizing, pesticiding and other forms of troubleshooting) and plants are akin to pets in terms of demanding your time, care and upkeep (think bugs, infection, bird do, bats, moths, ants, rats) – if you want them healthy, flowering and fruiting of course.

If I were to consider a property which was using these sales tactics, I think I would certainly have to inspect the property thoroughly and ask if those trees are mature, newly planted or have yet to be planted. Further, the cost of on-going maintenance before you get entirely fed up of gardening on your own (or your partner gets fed up).

And another note. SW asked my mum last night (who has a small garden plot) whether she wanted to adopt our little durian plantlet and grow it in her garden. She said: “NO WAY, those durian roots are going to upset by granite terrace tiles…” Well, there you have it. It’s not only what’s above ground you need to consider, but bear in mind also what happens below.

Living on a Fruit Farm?

Living on a Fruit Farm?

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