Sadly, it is truly the end of the Penang Durian Season

SW, CL and I were up in Penang on Thursday and Friday and apart from the work obligations, were really excited to try and catch the last of the durian season. Mage and C were tasked to find us whatever was good and bring it in so that we could enjoy it after dinner.

Unfortunately, I have to report that the entire durian experience was a thorough disappointment as Balik Pulau’s durian season is well over and there isn’t much left at the stalls. When we were approaching our feasting destination, the aroma certainly wasn’t very strong but we were pleased that the color was still temptingly sunshine yellow. But, when we picked up the durian, you could just tell that the texture (although creamy) lacked weight and upon introduction to the palate was just flat.

We persisted and tried a seed from each box but in the end could not even attempt a finishing as quality is always one notch above quantity.

The Durian season in Penang is officially over by August, if you’re a fussy eater like us, don’t spoil your tastebuds with any fruits which are only mediocre.

2 thoughts on “Sadly, it is truly the end of the Penang Durian Season

  1. So sad to hear, but all good things must come to an end. I’m just glad I got to experience the season in full force!

    Question for you on the seasons though, as when I was in KL feasting on Mau Sang Wang the vendor told me that even though the season was about over (late July), they would start falling again in Oct/Nov. I was always under the impression that there was only one true durian season per year. What is your experience with this? Is there more than one, and is it the same quality?

    Happy Stinky Eating 🙂

    • Yes indeed all good things come to an end so that we can look forward to it starting the exciting seasons again!

      As for the durian seasons, yes there is only one true one in a year but some durian trees do flower twice a year. Some trees also flower later in the year hence the impression that there is “another durian season” when it may actually just be a timing issue.
      Quality of the durians depend on many external factors unfortunately, such as whether the trees got too much water or too much sunshine, and whether the farmers were able to keep the trees bug free etc.

      You know what, I’m really disappointed that the durian calendar I linked to isn’t working anymore, the Agricultural authority took it down and replaced it with a genuinely atrocious site which can only be navigated by their own staff. More on this in a later blog as I’m still trying to figure out what its all about…

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