Dan’s Frozen Durian from a Supermarket in Portland, Oregon

Dan sent me the photo of the frozen durian he found in his local supermarket. I especially like the label that says “Ingredients: Durian.” And also the fact that they recommend storage below -18 degrees Celsius. I think it doesn’t have any preservatives and I’m quite amazed that it is seedless.

I just had a thought that maybe Dan could have planted his own durian tree.. but its certainly not going to happen with a durian from this packaging anyway. (I have a durian seed growing in a little pot! See how long it lasts…)

Dan's Frozen Durian

Dan's Frozen Durian

2 thoughts on “Dan’s Frozen Durian from a Supermarket in Portland, Oregon

  1. Ah yes, it was delicious at the time, but mostly because I was suffering from withdrawel symptoms haha! Now that I am back in the heart of durian territory, I’m not sure I could eat that frozen stuff again. The problem is defrosting it, as if you let it sit for too long it gets really soggy and mushy, but too short and you end up having a sort of durian ice cream, which isn’t so bad I suppose! A friend of mine got a whole frozen durian though and said it was really good, so maybe that is the way to go. If I can find one when I get back to the States I’ll be sure to let you know!

  2. Hi Dan!

    Should I say welcome back to Malaysia? Durians are getting cheaper now than they were when you were last here so I’m pretty sure you’ll be having some very good durianic experiences. Many of us do like durian ice cream and we often freeze the fruit to have for later, although I must agree with you, freezing durian really doesn’t do it any justice whatsoever. I haven’t had the chance to visit Penang yet but heard that durian season is up and in full swing so go up the mountain to Balik Pulau!

    Please keep in touch and let me know your new durian adventures…… 🙂

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