Durian T Shirt

My Durian T Shirt

My Durian T Shirt

It has been very busy at work and since SW was away, there hasn’t been a real opportunity to go durian hunting. Last Sunday however, I was invited to spend the day with my friends and their sons at the pool and it was the perfect day for modelling my new durian t-shirt that I bought in Singapore. Many t shirts that I’ve seen in the past featuring durians have always been sort of cheesy with funny slogans or maybe even rude ones. I picked this one up because it was drawn in the 1800’s for historical and scientific recognition and the wildlife around it. A fruit, like a person, is defined by the environment and other living beings.

My t shirt is a print of a historical drawing from the collections of William Farquhar known as the “Durian”. The painting features the Durian by its species name, Durio zibethinus, the Burung Murai Batu otherwise known as the Pied Cuckoo-Shrike or Pied Triller and the Lalage nigra. Notice how the durian fruit is depicted hanging from a branch with its leaves and the durian flower providing some persepctive on size and shape. The painting was commissioned by William Faquhar (1774 -1839) who was based in Malacca, during the time when he was the first resident and Commandant of Singapore. Major General Farquhar had a very involved history with Malaysia, spoke Malay and married a girl from Malacca. By commissioning 477 paintings to record the flora and fauna of the region, he certainly had an appreciation of the natural surroundings he inhabited and I have no doubt he developed a love for durians too.

If you’d like a T-shirt like mine, drop me a comment with your details and I can help you get one. It is 100% cotton, very comfortable and its a slim cut for women but the standard straight cut for men. šŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Durian T Shirt

  1. I am interested in the durian t-shirt. Can you tell me the price and the shipping charges — I am in Florida, USA.
    Blessings to you,

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  3. Hi , i cant see your tshirt picture…can you send me to my email.?
    I am sure I will like it and want to buy one.
    I am in Penang, eating AngHare daily!

    • Hi Darrick!

      Wow sounds like you really like the Ang Hae variety of Durian? Have you tried any of the other Penang specialties?

      As for the visual of the T-shirt, would like to ask if you also have any problems seeing any of the other pictures on this site?

      šŸ™‚ Saritaone

    • Hello Elvira!

      Thanks for your interest in the durian T-shirt. It’s been a while since that post so I’ll have to check if they still have it in stock. I’ll check for you if you can tell me what size you wear? I’ll also confirm the price.

      Stinky Happy Always!

    • Hi Petr!

      It’s only available in Singapore but do check out the Banyan Tree website which might have it online. If you want me to pop by the shop and get you one, it’s a bit pricey as I’ll have to pack it and send it to you by mail, probably all in about USD 50, not sure if it is worth for you to spend that much. The t-shirt itself is a copyrighted graphic from the first British Commissioner of Singapore and his nature drawings, so they definitely charge a scarcity value for that.

      Let me know if you’re keen!

      • Thanks so much :o)

        Yes I would like to get one or two, if you could send them. Do you know the price?

        I checked Banyan Tree website but no t-shirts.

        Love and Durian Blessings :o)

      • Hi Petr,

        I checked the Banyan Tree Website too and it seems that they no longer sell it online. I will have to check with the shop directly if you want the shirt. What size would you be interested in and male or female? The t-shirts are on the pricey side USD 40 per shirt, because it’s a special print commissioned by the Singapore National Museum. I can probably send it by snail mail to you which would probably add another ten dollars on top of it. I guess it would be worth it if you buy 2 because it would probably be the same shipping fee.

        If you’re interested, let me know the size and I’ll find out for you.

        Stinky Spiky Always,
        S-One šŸ™‚

      • Yes, of course I am interested. Can you get me 2 t-shirts? Large size, one male and the other female?
        Do you have a paypal or IBAN number to make a payment?
        Hope you can still find them.

        Thank you, let me know šŸ™‚

      • Hello again Petr,

        Okay, I will check and revert to you in a few days. I have a paypal account so it should be pretty straight forward to arrange the payment.
        Fingers crossed and let you know soon!

        SStinky Spikes,

      • Hi Petr!

        All the female sizes are now completely sold out. They are left with Men’s sizes in Large and X-Large. I have to say that the fitting of the t-shirt is quite small. I wear a medium in ladies size and I’m 5ft 2″. So if you and your partner are taller than me, you may consider getting the Men’s large size for both of you?

        Stinky Spikes,

      • Thank you, Sarita :o)
        Yes, I will be happy getting men’s large size 2 pcs.
        Can we connect on facebook or mail?
        Sweet hugs,

  4. Hi,

    I find your T-shirt absolutely lovely. I didn’t find the “Banyan Tree website”. Could you help me giving me the exact link where they sell this T-shirt? Do you think that they ship to Europe (Italy)? Thank you very much and congratulations for your wonderful website!!! =)

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    • Hi!

      I’ll check for you at the end of September when I’m back in Singapore. This is a limited edition print by the National Museum of Singapore so they may have already sold out.

      šŸ™‚ SS

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