Durio Chips exported to the UK and Malaysian Durian Dry Season

Packaged Durio Chips

Packaged Durio Chips

Since I last heard from Dan about the freeze dried Monthong durian chips he purchased from the Malaysian Airport, it inspired me to purchase some of my own when I was passing through the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. It was a different brand to the one Dan had (see this link to the entry) but I presumed that it is probably similar.. except for the fact that it is “mellow” and “sweet”.

I was looking forward to sampling this package with SW (away in the US) but I felt bad when GW came to visit for a few weeks and was disallowed by the other half to even appreciate one fruit. GW was to leave on Monday back tot he UK not to return for probably many months and I could not help but feel bad that I had durian chips in the cupboard which I was hoarding and not sharing.

So, I passed GW the durio chips to enjoy on the long flight back and figured that I would just have to take Dan’s word for it and try my luck again next time. What I don’t know is whether GW ate the chips, and whether more importantly, he enjoyed them as much as Dan did given that the real fruit itself was unavailable.

Will seek feedback shortly but I suspect that not having eaten durians for almost a year, one’s aromatic tastebuds for the fruit is either non-existent or dramatically enhanced.


On another note, JK told SW that there are no Malaysian durians in the market at the moment and that all the stalls are selling Thai durians. How can this be true? It is dry season but JK’s facts must be wrong and we shall endeavor to establish the truth.


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