Kampong Baru Durian Stalls

Kampong Baru Durian Stall

Kampong Baru Durian Stall

I spent the evening with two thoroughly pleasant  gentlemen (to discuss some aspects of my work- in case you’re wondering..),  who showed me a new BKT stall in Jalan Raja Laut (well, new to me anyway) and of course followed up by a durian stall in Kampong Baru round the corner.

This particular stall is CL’s friend’s (durian connoisseur -like CL) favorite hangout and it was down the traffic congested street that is the main commercial area of Kampong Baru. About half way down a durian stall perched on the sidewalk right on the street in front of a shop/pharmacy was spotted and we managed to pull the car in right beside the stall. Nothing like prized parking space next to one’s regular durian joint. The stall owner was a jovial Malay man who immediately welcomed us with a warm smile and broad gestures towards the three empty tables beside the stall.

kampong-baru-stall-ownerHe revealed however that his durian was not of suitable quality for our consumption tonight (despite the permanent “Special Gred” or Special Grade sign above his stall) and

Kampong Baru Durian Stall (Opposite)

Kampong Baru Durian Stall (Opposite)

recommended that CL’s friend peruse the stall across the road for more premium varieties instead. “How would this work” we wondered out loud, as the stall across the street had no tables for sit down dessert diners like us. “Bring the durians over and eat them here” the stall owner said, “I just don’t dare to sell you my durians tonight”. How’s that for honesty to your regular clients? Great PR.

Well, CL’s friend (seen in this photo making the purchases) came back with 3 durians in a plastic bag, having spent all of RM40 on the D24’s. These D24’s were small in size with big seeds, but one thing that is true is that D24’s seldom disappoint. Consistency is now part of its genes and the flesh is creamy and sweet. These though were not as aromatic as the other Highland D24’s but were certainly worthy of enjoyment too.

Here are the photos of the D24 durians that we ate, I have none of the “eating” shots as my hands were fully occupied and I’m still fussy about not wasting any good durian by smearing it on my camera.

Small D24

Small D24

I have to say that the color of the durian flesh was a richer yellow than this but my picture editing skills still require practice.*Sorry*

3 D24 Durians

3 D24 Durians

I did remark on the fact that the flesh was almost perfectly formed in all the fruits and that the seeds were also fully round (almost big enough to fit into my cupped palm) and there were only 2 or perhaps 3 seeds per segment.

3 of these D24’s filled us to the brim, a nice way to end the evening before the cockroaches came by the table to reclaim their territory and chased us away.

2 thoughts on “Kampong Baru Durian Stalls

  1. Now that is service!

    Cockroaches are unfortunate, but eating Durian in a sterile Mall just doesn’t seem right either.

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