5 Bamboo Durians and 1 MSW for 6 People

Bamboo Durian

Bamboo Durian

It was a late Friday evening last week and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet after a pretty long and intense day.

We were ready to get a bit of R&R for the weekend. Couple that with the fact that it was SW’s last weekend in KL for almost a month, so we just had to do something special for dinner. A lengthy debate ensued (well not really) over what we ought to eat and where. In the end, we agreed that durians was the best way to go and would serve very well as dinner, followed by some cooling teas for dessert.

SW asked me if it would be ok to invite JK out with us (since we have discovered that JK is as big of a fan as we are) and indeed, he did not let us down.

“Can you guys swing by and pick me up on the way?” JK asked.

As he is literally across the road from us, we agreed that it would be no problem 🙂

Our neighbourhood Imbi stall was particularly popular tonight and we found the tables occupied when we arrived at about 9:45pm. We made do with the corner of one of the tables, sharing it with another group that came along. To our initial despair, all the Mau Sang Wangs had been booked by a client who had bothered to phone ahead so there were none for display and certainly none for sale. He offered us the “Choo Kiok” bamboo durian instead.

It wasn’t too bad, although we did complain that the first 2 fruits opened seemed “sweaty”, but the flesh was surprisingly springy and the texture did not come off as wet. The flavours sway towards a less sweet but not too bitter, and slightly fermented taste. We had the first 2 when JK’s sister and brother-in-law showed up and joined us for their dessert. SW and I had recently learned that JK’s sis and b-i-l were huge durian fans too.

Small Little Mau Sang Wang Durian

Small Little Mau Sang Wang Durian

There was no way that 2 durians were enough so we promptly ordered another 3, worried that the other arriving groups were hell-bent on taking the best selections away from us. To appease our incessant appeals and complaints (all done in a very friendly manner mind you), our durian seller squeezed out a small Mau Sang Wang for us, given that the group who had ordered hadn’t shown up yet*.

Before he opened the Mau Sang Wang though, our durian seller also presented another 2 bamboo durians for us gathering that we had done so well with the first 5 (well there were 6 of us at this stage). Thus far, the Mau Sang Wang reigns supreme in flavour and needs to be eaten after the XO, the Bamboo and the D24’s. However, I’m pretty sure that with the Durian season in Penang starting soon, there will certainly be other varieties that will put the MSW to the test.

*The group that ordered the MSW’s did finally turn up, it was a group of 5 and they demolished the MSW’s and then some! I like this photo as the MSW has a nice long stalk.

One thought on “5 Bamboo Durians and 1 MSW for 6 People

  1. yum I miss the durian taste! Been in the jungles of Peru for a few days this week to try their most famous exotic fruit, aguaje. It´s delicious, and abundant, but not as captivating as Durian. As it is, there´s very little activity in Iquitos, I shudder to think how things would come to a stand-still if the Durian was introduced to this part of the world. We´ll have to find a way to send some seeds over here… Peru could easily be a durian powerhouse and it would only be fitting, considering Malaysia exploited Amazonian rubber.

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