3 x 3 Litres of Glorious Durians

I had this photo of how durians can be presentably packed for parties. Each of the plastic round tubs can hold 3 litre volumes. TW, think the stinkyness will last to get to you in New York? I don’t think SW will bring it for you next week, in which case you’ll just have to come back and eat it here. 🙂

Durians on Plastic Packaging

Durians in Plastic Packaging

One thought on “3 x 3 Litres of Glorious Durians

  1. Please send me these durians! I think they will definitely last. US immigration should make an exception for Durians. Clearly its a niche market only for fruit connoisseur and we will not be putting any California farming industries out of business 😉

    I am definitely missing Durians. As spring arrives and summer days are peeking through my urging for the fruit is increasing even more. You and SW have to give me an excuse to get back sooner rather later 😉

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