Did the Freeze Dried Durian Satisfy Your Craving?

Freeze Dried Durian?

Freeze Dried Durian?

A Big thank you to Dan for contributing photos to this durian lover’s reference site.

Dan tells me that he bought this at the Malaysian airport before his flight to Bali. A few questions immediately come to mind:

a) Was the durian as tasty as a crisp?

b) Why is the Malaysian airport selling Thai freeze dried durian (i.e. why not Malaysian durian chips instead…?)

c) Would I pay RM 30 for 100g of freeze dried durian? (hey, for the same amount I can get the real thing)

d) Would this satisfy an astronaut’s durian craving? (although it might be a tad inconsiderate to eat it in the confines of the space station)

Dan, please let us know!

I love how the packaging promotes it as a 4 in 1, with no cholesterol and 100% natural.

The Thais have really got their act together in food packaging- they are amazing!

One thought on “Did the Freeze Dried Durian Satisfy Your Craving?

  1. Ah, the elusive freeze dried durian! It took me awhile to respond as I have been in an Indonesian durian haze the last week or so. But here are the answers to the questions above:

    a) The durian did not resemble a crisp, but that’s a good thing! Waaaay beyond the crisp level was the taste of this stinky spike.

    b)I think Malaysia just needs to catch up with the durian capitol of the world (i.e. – Chantaburi, Thailand). All forms of durian chips, candy, cake, etc. that I have come across are from Thailand. Oh how nice it would be to have portable D24 love!

    c) Yes, if it is of this quality and if the real thing is not available. Until they have the street stalls at the KL airport, this will do! And this is the real thing, not the junk left over, as I have heard that durian candies and such are. The flavor immediately rushes in when you pop one in your mouth! Plus, can you imagine having this on a hike? Or on a long backpacking trek? I’ll take freeze dried durian to fuel me over rancid trail mix any day!!

    d) I’m not an astronaut, but if I were this would definitely do. In fact, if NASA or the durian production company wants to send me up in a shuttle with a load full of freeze dried durian for a year or so, then sign me up!!

    Hope that helps, and let me know if you get to try some!

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