Is the color of the Durian flesh important?

Does color matter?

Does color matter?

Color is important

Color is important

After commenting on the color of Durian flesh and noting the difference in intensities of the yellow and the emotions it stirs, I wondered whether I would feel the same way about the fruit if I could not see in color.

While editing the photos, I experimented with the black & white function – you can see the photo on the left.

How does the lack of color make you feel and which box of durians would you choose to start with first?

There are three main categories of people when it comes to durians:

1. Those who LOVE it.

2. Those who have a 3 seed maximum tolerance threshold.

3. Those who can’t stand the smell and absolutely HATE it.

Perhaps the people from category 1 are also those who happend to have a heightened sense of sight and smell, which triggers receptors in the brain to respond almost immediately to the beautiful yellow, an intensity of color which is almost always associated with sunshine, happiness and warmth.

P.s. Durians featured above are a mix of XO and Mau Sang Wang. Take a guess which variety is in each box. (Hint: Color is a giveaway!)

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