The High-Land D24 Durian, Not the Usual D24

The High-Land D24 Durian

The High-Land D24 Durian


Last Friday evening, we fulfilled our promise to take our doctor friends PC (+ husband) and PG out to dinner. As usual, we planned our meal around durians and this time, we thought we’d give Donald’s Durian stall another go.

After a disappointing Korean meal (Seo Gung at SS2- reviews were good but it was a far cry from our usual Korean BBQ haunts), it turned out well because we had all saved space for our dessert.


This time, AC had already requested the Mau Sang Wang (MSW) in advance (having taken her children there last week) and Donald was waiting.

Despite the three table crowds who were all there before us, we were able to get enough stools to fit all of us.

I have to say that Donald was very truthful to us and did admit that the Mau Sang Wang was not very good as it is approaching the end of the MSW season. The durian was very large but the flesh was dry and a little on the rough side. We were disappointed and told Donald what we thought of his selection. He countered by asking if we’d like to try something smoother, the high-land D24 durian species.


The high-land D24 was fantastic and I highly recommend it to everyone. Donald had a whole rack of them on display and it looks like this will be the main durian variety taking over the Mau Sang Wang.

High-Land D24 Durian

High-Land D24 Durian

High-land D24 durian husks appear darker in color and the spikes are thin and very sharp.

Could it be the cooler air that makes the D24 creamier and smoother? Or the type of soil, or the altitude?

The high-land D24 durians are from the mountains of Pahang state which are in season now. I haven’t been able to find out the details of durian plantations and which species are grown in each one.


What I need to do next, is to perform a side by side comparison of the High-Land D24 and the normal D24 (Low-Land variety, I suppose).

That would be a relishing challenge. KC and BC, care to join me? I’m sure your mum is game to hunt them down with us.


6 thoughts on “The High-Land D24 Durian, Not the Usual D24

  1. Pls don’t try Donald’s durian at SS2. I attempted the durian buffet last night and felt it was a total rip -off. I felt as though we were paying him RM10 to help him clear old and lousy stock. Believe me, I have tried the other 2 stalls beside and their durian quality for the same price is much much better.

    Donald always advertise RM5 per durian session buffet. But, no matter how early I came, I will always be told tht the RM5 is no longer available. ( business gimmick?)

    So we settled for the RM10 buffet. The Bangla guy is very arrogant and they take forever to hear your call to bring the durian. I was sitting amidst a sea of frustrated customers who waited so long for JUST ONE durian to come. Noticing the slow trend, I asked him to give me 2 durians. He refused and shoot me point blank saying I should eat what I have first. I wasn’t being greedy. I was just trying to save the frustration of having to call for one durian to come but no avail. Even the other tables who overheard the way he “scolded” me was shocked and muttered that how could he say such a thing.

    Never mind the waiting, but the durian is always too hard (not ripe) and mouldy. If not, it had worms or tasted weird. Out of 6 durians I had, only 1 is edible. I don’t have high taste. It really sucks.

    Just sharing my experience to alert others. Thanks. :/

    • Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience. Agreed that Donald’s gets pretty crowded and that probably compromises his service. I’ve had a poor experience one too, where the durian was just simply not good and he admitted that it wasn’t, and offered us another one instead.

      I haven’t been to the two other durian stalls beside him yet and intend to get round to it. If you have any specific comments or reports on these, please feel free to write in and let me know.

  2. Hi,

    It’s not due to the fact that there were many customers. I’ve been around to the other 2 stalls, believe me, as many customers they have, they bring me good durians, on time, and no hassle.
    The Banglas were deliberately lazy. I am usually not aggresive but their attitude got on my nerves. I feel so sad seeing ppl part with their hard earned money while they get rich like this.

    You may wanna visit this blog link tht i found over the internet where so many others expressed their frustrations.

    Thank you.

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  4. Ma Stinky Spikes/sone/SS gud pm, i wish to grow the so-called highland D24 durian, can you also spare me some seeds of both the highland variety and the lowland variety of the D24? Thanks a lot, God bless you mam stinky spikes.

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