Sorry darling, No “Mau Sang Wang Durians” tonight

Sharp knife, Swift hands and a Wooden surface

Sharp knife, Swift hands and a Wooden surface

As it was TW’s official last night in town tonight, we celebrated it with crabs at New Ocean Restaurant in Jalan Imbi. I haven’t been there for quite a while, but the food was relatively decent and the service attentive due to the unusually quiet night for a Friday. After crabs, we caught our durian seller at Jalan Imbi just in time, it was five minutes past ten and he and his wife were cleaning and packing up for the night.

We raced down from the car and exclaimed loudly in cantonese that we were here for durians and did he have any left? He seemed a little surprised that we turned up and startled enough not to know exactly how to respond. His wife (who is the one with the finger on the button) quickly showed up, with grateful recognition and acknowledgement of her regular customers, ushered us to the table and proceeded to wipe down the stools for us (great service as mentioned previously).

“No mau sang wang tonight!” she chirped brightly as we sat down but before our faces could take on a pallor of disappointment, she quickly added “but we have D88”.

So D88 it was. I’ll show you the photos in the next post and tell you the rest of the story.

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