Another Kind of Stinky Spike

For our readers who are not regular durian consumers or find themselves in unfamiliar durian territory, you should know that durian sellers can tell the type and species of the durian by pretty much looking at it. What are the markers of differentiation in durian identification?

In no definitive order:

Different Spikes

Different Spikes

1.   Colour

2.   Shape

3.   Size

4.   Spikes

5.   Smell

6.   The orchard they bought it from 🙂

If you examine this photo closely, you’ll begin to get a vague idea of the above descriptions. Some of the durian thorns are narrow and sharp, while others are wide based and appear multi-faceted, while others are wide based and seem almost blunt to touch. The thorny spikes can range from a rust colored brown to a bright military green. Some are kidney shaped, while others are more similar to a bowling ball.

Their taste can vary widely too, CL tells me that the flattish spiked durian in the photo doesn’t taste as good at the Elvis so perhaps I’ll try it next time round.

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