Durian Purchase from Pudu

TW has never eaten so much durian in his life of 35 years. Sadly, he returns to NYC this coming weekend and his time in Malaysia will come to a close.. but not without happy memories I suspect. Last Friday -after a good, hot fishball soup lunch (TW are you missing this yet?)- we stopped enroute back to the office at Pudu and could feel the magnetic pull of the durian. We were actually hunting for the “chinese doughnut” seller, whose stall was across the street. After we made a rapid purchase of the doughnuts for the office, we just had to take a look at the famously spikey goods.

Balancing durians on a scale

Balancing durians on a scale

The durian seller was a proud man; proud of his durians, proud of his pricing, proud of his premium stall location. We did not doubt his claims that he had chosen these durians himself from the plantations, nor the fact that he was certainly less expensive than other sellers around town. At RM 18 per Kg for our favourite mau sang wang, and a demonstration of the goods with an enthusiastic flourish, we certainly had no reason to complain. After a rather loud and boisterous bargaining session, he very artistically piled on about 5 durians onto the weighing machine and knew that he had won our bellies.
I know that you must be thinking that we are such typical conservative durian eaters, always ordering the most expensive “mau sang wang” variety as we have done so in the last few purchases that we made. But, I have to tell you that every mau sang wang tastes different to the next. One can be nutty, another slightly bitter and some give you the feeling that you might soon find out what durian wine tastes like if you leave it a little longer in the husk.

Durian Boss of Pudu Plaza

All these durians on sale now are from Pahang mostly, plantations in Raub, Bentong and others along the Karak Highway supply KL’s durian addicts with their favorite feast. I haven’t been to any plantations yet but have suggested the idea to SW to see if my durian kaki would at least be up to a small adventure a little further out from town.

Coming back to our proud durian seller, he was so chuffed to see that I had whipped out my camera that he decided to pose for me, sh

owing me who was the boss. All this while his 2 lovely assistants (one male and one female) were slicing and dicing the durian husks to empty the golden segments into takeaway polystyrene containers for us.

If you are in the area and fancy having some durians, he’s there before lunch and shuts his stall at 8pm. So, Pudu durians are available only in the daytime, after that, you’ll have to go to the other night haunts

Durian Boss of Pudu

and be prepared to pay a little more.


2 thoughts on “Durian Purchase from Pudu

  1. I most certainly will miss Durians! Alas my time in Malaysia didn’t even coincide with the peak Durian season, so I have only been teased.

    I must come back. When should that be?

  2. Yes, you have only tasted the tip of the durian iceberg!
    The best times to have durian is usually in June or July but there are fruits all the way up to August.
    However, given the quality of the durians we’ve been having, I’d say that the season has started “unseasonally” early – which has been great for you!

    One more round before you leave?


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